Audi S5 The New and Improved 2016

Audi S5 The New and Improved 2016

Audi has released a B9 update from the already heavily popular Audi B8.5 Vehicle, this new vehicle is every bit as sleek as its predecessors however some new sharper body lines, an increase in HP and some diamond like headlights really bring this vehicle forward as a favourite for the 2 door coupe mid sized luxury vehicles.

Audi has always been a leader in the automotive industry debuting as far back as the late 80’s rally teams to modern day styling surrounding the super car R8 model. The Audi S5 is a vehicle that really screams sporty platform however it truly is more than just that of a commuter vehicle that boasts metal and technology. The Coupé is famous for defining sleek and sports oriented consumers!

Screaming with class yet result delivering in performance, the Audi S5 delivers 333 horsepower to its 6 cylinder turbocharged engine, pair this with a 7 speed gearbox and you get an impressive platform that transfer huge power gains direct to the pavement.

Author: Virgil Weaver

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