Performance 3 Piece Wheels For all Makes and Models?

Performance 3 Piece Wheels For all Makes and Models?

ESR Wheels released a brand new wheel lineup to the already 2015 favourite, the new lineup sports a different heritage from the previous generation though. ESR wheels has been know as a company to produce run of the mill entry level performance wheels that really are all look over function, cast aluminum wheels that are likely made offshore in a taiwanese factory or such. Nonetheless the wheels still performed and have been a massive success for the aftermarket auto industry. Originally debuting in 2015 the company released 7 different styles of wheels available in a variety of different colours, offsets, shapes and bolt patterns. They also offer re-drilling services when purchased directly through the direct dealer Revwerks. Yesterday afternoon the company released a completely new wheel lineup that has dropped within the last week, the MV Forged Series! This lineup is very different from that of the previous lines, a complete forged wheel lineup NOT cast that is made in house USA and you can literally build whatever you like directly down to custom wheel offset, bolt patterns, colours and of rivet colours.

Here is the promotional video of the brand new wheel the Revwerks Wheels Online, we loved the camera work and the wheels themselves are not bad either.

Author: Virgil Weaver

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