Top Gear 2016 A Success or a Bust?

Top Gear 2016 A Success or a Bust?

Top Gear has been one of the highlights for motor enthusiasts around the world for the last two decades. A comedic genius Jeremy Clarkson the head honcho of the series was terminated in late last season and since than the show has not released any new information and programs. Following the termination of Jeremey, his co-show hosts Richard and James followed suite and left the BBC program to move onto a new show! More information on the series now called Grand Tour is to follow in the coming weeks. However without the 3 hooligan / comic show hosts in place the BBC Televison corporation has been forced to find suitable replacments. One of those selected is an individual by the name of Matt Leblanc (some people may know him better as Joey, from the hit TV series “Friends”). Check out some of the content that has been put forward so far by the newely selected team.

Author: Virgil Weaver

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